Lipomassage Review –Does It Really Work?

What is LipoMassage?

Lipomassage is a non invasive procedure to get rid of cellulite. It is becoming a popular way to combat cellulite and fat. After a few treatments, the results are clearly visible and it is absolutely painless!

Lipomassage and Other Options of Getting Rid of Cellulite:

Other than Lipomassage, there are several anti cellulite lotions and creams available in the images 3 Lipomassage Review –Does It Really Work?market, but the question is to what extent do they work? While some may give you some result, most of them do not work. There are other natural remedies for getting rid of cellulite as well, like the famous coffee scrub. If you are willing to spend a little more money, you may even consider Liposuction.

LipoMassage Vs Liposuction:

If you are considering whether you should go for Liposuction or Lipomassage, you may want to read the following paragraphs to understand the basic differences between the two procedures.

Lipomassage, unlike liposuction, does not remove fat. In Lipomassage, the fat is just masked. That means that the fat is still there, but since cellulite is lumpy, the lipomassage just evens out those lumps to make the skin look more even and toned.

Whereas in Liposuction, the fat is removed, it is not masked. However, by means of Lipomassage you can reshape any part of your body which has cellulite, like your arms, thighs etc. Even muscular aches and pains can be relieved through this technique!

Does LipoMassage Really Work?

To answer this, we will consider the clinical study which was done for one whole year, by Peter Chang B.S, Salisbury M.D and a few others.  Based on their study, they concluded that LipoMassage (LPG Endermologie System) does help in fat mobilization and body contouring. According to the statistics of this study, 90% of  clients approved of the results which they got from this anti cellulite technique. This study clearly suggests that Lipomassage really does work!

Maintaining the Results:

Now that we have concluded that lipomassage really does work, but to maintain the results, some effort is required. Since we have already established the fact that in this technique the fat is not removed, it is merey masked, then it means that you need to follow a diet and an exercise plan to maintain your contours. Most fitness enthusiasts believe that the results of lipomassage are no different than the results which can be obtained through exercise and diet.

Other people also believe that this particular massage stresses too much on the fact that body is something which should be modeled and if the body really needs to be modeled then why not model it through proper diet and exercise? Such people consider the idea of ‘contouring the body by massage’ a far fetched idea, they would not bother spending their money on such things which can be achieved through diet and exercise as well.

So, to conclude, this massage has mixed reviews, some people seem to consider it effective, while others do not.

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